See beyond the ordinary with technology

By Adrian Hancock, Socitm CEO

I have just been reading a blog about distributed ledger technology, which uses Blockchain as its core platform, and how its real ability to disrupt is not so much about how it enables transactions, but the way in which it builds and embeds trust.

The main thrust of the blog is that this ‘disruptive power’ is more to do with the way it has enabled, empowered and challenged people to change the way they think before they even start to use the technology. And that in turn got me thinking….

This is surely the heart of the matter and, indeed, isn’t this the case for all genuinely disruptive technology?

People may get some advanced, or even rudimentary, insight into what may be possible and then they get creative. They discover that they need not stop when they reach the boundary of what was previously thought to be impossible. It appears the rules have changed. And that’s where disruption starts. People see ways of achieving beneficial outcomes that are new and innovative, easier, cheaper, quicker more convenient, more reliable. Increased trust in transactions is just one of many beneficial outcomes that can then disrupt the old way of doing things.

A potentially disruptive technology that isn’t pushed beyond what we thought was possible, or how we’ve always done it, will never become actually disruptive. This is a creative process that starts in someone’s mind.

I like this because it is a strong reminder and reinforcer that right at the heart of any technology-enabled disruption is people. People thinking and people who are ‘visioneering’ – that is, practically envisioning a new way of doing things – a better future. This is the beginning of ‘disruption for good’.

At Socitm, we are committed to inspiring the level of visioneering where future public service delivery reaches new levels of excellence.

Don’t worry about the technology – it’s there, just waiting for your creativity and imagination to see beyond the ordinary.

See beyond the ordinary with technology

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