IT fraudster jailed for £1m council theft


A local government IT expert has been jailed for five years after stealing over £1 million from Dundee City Council.

Over a seven-year period, Mark Conway managed to pilfer £1,065,085 from the local authority, which he used to fuel his gambling habit.

Glasgow’s High Court heard that Conway was the council’s top financial IT expert and that the 52-year-old’s position gave him access the council’s financial systems, which allowed him to create invoices that paid money into his own account.

Dundee has managed to recover £7,000 of the stolen funds so far, but the fraudster will also be forced to sell his house and give up his pension to help pay back the debt.

According to a council spokesperson, action has been taken to prevent similar frauds happening in the future.

The spokesperson added: ‘An independent review of procedures has already gone ahead and measures have been put in place to strengthen controls. Dundee City Council is involved in ongoing efforts to ensure that the funds taken from the authority by this individual are recovered.’

Nicky Patrick, who has the interesting job title of Procurator Fiscal for Homicide and Major Crime, said: ‘It is a crime made all the more serious due to the trust placed in him by his employers and the transfer of a large amount of city council funds into his own accounts.’


IT fraudster jailed for £1m council theft

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