DWP offers £120,000 for digital transformation job


The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is looking for someone to head up its digital transformation programme.

The government department responsible for one of the greatest success stories of our times, Universal Credit, is offering £120,000 a year for a new head of infrastructure to manage a 150-member team.

According to the job spec, the successful candidate will ‘play a critical role in designing, influencing, enabling and delivering the Department’s transformation required in the short, medium and long term. They will do this in partnership with senior colleagues within DWP and other Government Departments’.

And whoever gets the role better like traveling, as the location is given as Blackpool, London and Manchester.

The DWP’s chief technology officer, Juan Villamil, said: ‘The successful candidate will take on the responsibility for creating and leading a technology delivery function whose mission is to achieve flawless and predictable execution.

‘It requires individuals with a unique combination of credible leadership skills at a senior level and hands-on technical expertise to execute the delivery and design of technology services that affect millions of lives.’

DWP offers £120,000 for digital transformation job

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