Internet claims latest victim: book full of numbers

yellow pages

The Yellow Pages is no more, as its owners have concluded that the internet is probably here to stay.

The once proud, thick tome has slowly slimmed down to a flimsy wisp of its former self (the last edition I was sent only had seven phone numbers in it, probably).

Like so many things we used to have in the old days, such as hope and political sanity, the sight of the big yellow book sat next to the hallway telephone in a shaft of cheerful sunlight will soon be behind us.

After 51 years, owners Yell have decided to close the book and offer a purely online service, as people tend to just type things like ‘Emergency Topiarist’ and ‘Space Shuttle Spare Parts’ into Google these days.

CEO Richard Hanscott said: After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we’re proud to say that we still have customers who’ve been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in 1966. How many brands can say they’ve had customers with them for over 50 years?’

January 2019’s final run will see 23 million copies printed, with many no doubt delivered to bewildered millennials who don’t remember a time when you didn’t look at a screen every 0.2 seconds to establish what’s going on around you.

So, that’s Ceefax, car tax discs and now the Yellow Pages culled by the rampant internet. Yet, fax machines are STILL apparently going strong. What is going on?

Internet claims latest victim: book full of numbers

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