Anonymous seen as ‘social bandits’ by powerless


People who are angry about perceived social injustices and who feel disconnected with the political world are more likely to support the activities of the global hacking group Anonymous, research has found.

Dr Giovanni Travaglino, of Kent’s School of Psychology,  performed studies in the UK and the USA and discovered that livid people in both countries tend to think of the digital mischief makers as ‘social bandits’.

And that fits well with an idea that already exists: social banditry theory. The concept says that when feel people feel powerless against political systems, they begin to support the shenanigans of groups like Anonymous – basically, Robin Hood-types, but with keyboards and bedrooms rather than arrows and secret woodland lairs.

Alongside the feeling-downtrodden, Dr Travaglino also found that those who hold an individualistic outlook tend to gravitate towards hacking groups who attack ‘the system’, in contrast to those who have a more collective view of society.

None of this is very surprising, is it? You can read Dr Travaglino’s report here, if Anonymous haven’t destroyed the website hosting it yet.

But who are/is Anonymous? I don’t know, but if you are representative of the group please leave a comment below, it’ll make for an interesting afternoon.


Anonymous seen as ‘social bandits’ by powerless

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