LGBT supporters mildly trouble ‘comically’ old-fashioned MP


Cyber pranksters have slightly stitched up a bizarrely popular Conservative MP, by doing something with a hashtag on Twitter.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a kind of less charismatic version of a discarded ventriloquist’s dummy lying in a damp skip, started a ‘grass roots movement’ called ‘MoggMentum’ this summer – but after boasting that he was opposed to modern things like gay marriage this week, jokers have fixed it so the hashtag #MoggMentum produces images of LGBT KISSING FILTH.

Tory-of-the-hour Rees-Mogg appeared on Good Morning Britain this week and did something remarkable – he managed to be even more abysmal than host Piers Morgan.

The MP for North East Somerset told Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid that not only was he opposed to gay marriage, but also abortion in any circumstances (even for pregnancies that come about through rape) – and if the interview had go on, no doubt things like biros, gas central heating and universal suffrage.

Famous for speaking Latin for no reason whatsoever, the old-fashioned headmaster-like Rees-Mogg is widely touted as next leader of the Conservative Party.

His Moggmentum Twitter campaign, which recently amassed over 9,000 followers, was set up as a kind of stuffy alternative to Momentum, a grass roots movement popular with young people who can’t speak Latin.

LGBT supporters mildly trouble ‘comically’ old-fashioned MP

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