Come on, just one woman, please

Meetign Room

A campaign group has demanded that an all-male regional government cabinet allows at least one woman to join the gang.

The Women’s Leadership Group (WLG) has written an open letter to the Liverpool City Region’s (LCR) men, asking if one of them would kindly give up their seat so that a representative of 50% of the country’s population can get a look in.

The WLG, which campaigns for greater gender balance in local government, has pointed out that the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, has fixed his combined authority’s rules so that half of members in the cabinet have to be female.

In its letter, the WLG wrote: ‘We ask that all LCR cabinet members with voting rights, demonstrate their power and commitment to redressing the enduring gender imbalance and lack of diversity by nominating a woman from your cabinet to take your place.

‘We know there are great elected and accountable women in every cabinet and council in the region who you already invest your confidence in – give them your seat. Let’s show the next generation we are serious about their future and give them diverse, inspiring leaders and role models to be proud of.’

Strong words. But someone on Twitter (probably) said: ‘Blah blah blah women blah blah it’s not democratic blah blah it’s not fair blah blah I wish they’d shut up blah blah blah.’



Come on, just one woman, please

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