Nazi internet site struggling with internet


A website popular with Nazis is struggling to survive in the only place websites are known to exist – the internet.

The Daily Stormer was dumped by its long-time domain name registrar, GoDaddy, last month, after it learned that the site hasn’t anything to do with bad weather warnings, and is in fact packed with sheer evil.

Internet-less, the Daily Stormer’s commandants turned to easyDNS, which calls itself ‘the free speech registrar’. But that hasn’t worked either, as despite their apparent dedication to free speech, being associated with the worst people on Earth was too much for the firm to contemplate.

Without a registrar, the Daily Stormer will be forced onto the dark web – which white supremacists, I suspect, are probably on the whole too thick to work out how to access.

Google and Namescheap have also refused to register the fanatical lunatic enterprise.

Online Nazis only recourse for streaming their feelings and wisdom will now be the obscure network ‘Twitter’.

Anyway, tech fans, the debacle does raise an interesting issue: should the internet be a place where ANY views should be given a platform, no matter how deranged and dangerous? Please feel free to comment below and maybe, just maybe an insightful (not inciteful) debate can be had by all.

Nazi internet site struggling with internet

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