UK rubbish at secure ID tech, report


The UK is severely lagging behind other countries when it comes to secure ID technology, a think tank has said.

According to the Social Market Foundation (SMF), if we were to buck our ideas up and sort out better digital proof of identity, we’d save money and curtail online crime.

In its report, A Verifiable Success – The future of identity in the UK, the think tank points out that countries such as Estonia have managed to create an ‘e-ID’, which allows digital signatures, internet voting and public service access, while the UAE has gone and built a passport app for smartphones.

And it’s not just about not looking bad compared with the likes of the fancy Estonians – SMF warns that if the UK continues to be rubbish at ID tech, there will be undesirable consequences, including increased identity fraud, and financial and social exclusion.

Despite the criticisms, the think tank says the government is making some progress with its GOV.UK Verify service – but it must try harder to ‘ensure it becomes the world leader in identity verification and authentication services’.

Download and read the report here – if you want to, of course.

UK rubbish at secure ID tech, report

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