Coming soon: NHS app to check medical records


If you’ve ever found it sickening that you can’t check your medical records when you’re out and about, fret no more – the NHS is introducing an app to cure those ills.

As well as stoking your hypochondria, the app will also allow you to book appointments with your GP, and then watch them go on the internet to check your symptoms like you do at home.

Currently being trialled in London, the software allows users to set up repeat prescriptions and contact the 111-non emergency service, which I’m pretty sure you can do on any phone with a ‘1’ digit on it already.

The incredibly popular health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: ‘If the NHS is going to be the safest, highest-quality healthcare system in the world we need to do technology better. People should be able to access their own medical records 24/7, show their full medical history to anyone they choose, and book basic services – like GP appointments or repeat prescriptions – online.’

The system’s UK-wide release will coincide with the NHS’s 70th birthday, which Mr Hunt believes will be the ‘best possible present to its patients’ – though I suspect many patients might feel that ‘serious funding’ and ‘guaranteed future existence of NHS’ would be more desirable gifts.

Coming soon: NHS app to check medical records

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