Worried Football Association writes cyber attack letter

Soccer ball

The English Football Association (FA) is so concerned about cyber chicanery that it has written a letter to FIFA, and it doesn’t get any more serious than that.

The missive expresses the FA’s fears that hackers could spoil the England football team’s plans to win next year’s World Cup, by leaking important details.

A hacking group called Fancy Bears (which is believed to be based in Russia, where every hacking group seems to be these days) has been revealing information about sportspeople who’ve been given medical exemptions to take drugs usually prohibited by anti-doping rules.

A FIFA spokesman confirmed that the dubious organisation had received a letter from the FA.

It is feared that hackers could discover England’s planned tactics for the World Cup, which presumably read something like ‘Make ball go in rival’s net without allowing ball to go in own net, while not making a total, inexcusable hash of things like we normally do’.

Last month, Fancy Bears revealed the names of 25 football players who were given waivers to take certain prohibited substances during the 2010 World Cup – which was seven years ago by my calculations so they might want to try and pinch some more current emails if they want to be seen as a ‘cutting edge’ hacking group.

Worried Football Association writes cyber attack letter

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