Self-driving electric ‘Semi’ on the way

Electric Lorry
When not warning about the threat posed by AI and robot killing machines, Elon Musk builds loads of stuff – and his latest scheme has been revealed.

The Tesla ‘Semi’ truck, which is scheduled to launch next month, will not only be powered by a battery but will also be able to drive itself, bludgeoning two birds with one stone (truck drivers and petrol stations).

Musk enthused on Twitter ‘Worth seeing this beast in person. It’s unreal,’ much like the world around us, which Musk claims is a computer-generated fantasy land.

According to the inventor, the thing will be capable of traveling 1,000 miles on a single charge – but truck experts have scoffed at the claim, believing it to be more likely able to do around 200-300 miles before it needs to look for a socket.

Road testing of the vehicles is scheduled for 26 October in Hawthorne, California – so, it might be a good idea to stay indoors on that day if you happen to live there.

Google and the never-far-from-controversy Uber also have electric lorries in development, so road watchers should have plenty to look forward to.

Self-driving electric ‘Semi’ on the way

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