Friday round-up: A week in tech

mobile phone

Attentive internet users may have noticed that a small American firm, ‘Apple Inc’, released a new communications device this week.

The ‘iPhone X’ telephone can be charged wirelessly; uses facial recognition technology; has a big screen; and a clock.

Additionally, it’s really expensive. Read more manic hype, sorry, details here.


Something terrifically weird is happening in Cuba. US diplomatic staff have been suffering from unpleasant things like brain damage and hearing loss – which officials originally concluded was being caused by some kind of ‘advanced sonic weapon’.

But they don’t seem so sure about that now and have returned to a state of general bafflement.

On top of this, Canadian diplomatic staff have been afflicted with the mysterious menace too – which thickens the plot somewhat as, unlike America, Canada doesn’t have a torrid history with Cuba.

Read more here, if you dare.


Somebody has connected a Commodore 64 to a VR headset – which seems like a really interesting and cool idea, but probably isn’t. Sadly, as it was built over 30 years ago, no C64 games were developed for use with VR. Never mind. The inventor has built their own game, Street Defender.

Silly fun, but, on balance, probably better value for money than Apple Inc’s new electric telephone. Here’s a vid:


How’s Facebook disgraced itself this week, you’re no doubt wondering. According to an investigation, the social media firm allowed advertisers to home in on people charmed by subjects such as ‘Jew hater’ and ‘how to burn Jews’. Read the whole grim shambles here.

We never, I repeat never had any of these problems with Ceefax.

Friday round-up: A week in tech

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