New injection tech could limit injections


In a development sure to fuel the nightmares of paranoid conspiracy types everywhere, scientists have announced a new method for delivering lots of different vaccinations in just one injection.

The innovation involves miniscule particles made of biodegradable polymers, that once in the body break down at different times, thus releasing their important vaccinating qualities at the right moment.

Though bad news for those who believe that vaccinations are part of a government conspiracy to…well, who knows what, the new technology is great news for people who don’t like injections, like me.

However, the researchers, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aren’t so concerned with needle-cowards and have instead suggested that the method could be very useful in developing countries, where children could be given all of their vaccines and boosters in one jumbo dose.

For a more in-depth and coherent explanation of the breakthrough, click here.

New injection tech could limit injections

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