Committee to probe Twitter over US election meddling


Twitter is to meet with a team investigating alleged interference of 2016’s US election, in the latest development of the never-ending saga.

The social media company will speak with investigative types from the Senate Intelligence Committee next week about bots, misinformation and fake news on its network.

One of seemingly loads of committees currently looking into supposed Russian meddling in the election that resulted with the ascension of famous Twitter wag Donald Trump, the group is keen to discover what the platform can tell them about any electoral mischief.

Speaking to, a Twitter spokesperson used actual words rather than tweets to say: ‘Twitter engages with governments around the world on public policy issues of importance and of interest to policymakers. We are cooperating with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in its inquiry into the 2016 election and will meet with committee staff next week. Twitter deeply respects the integrity of the election process, a cornerstone of all democracies, and will continue to strengthen our platform against bots and other forms of manipulation that violate our Terms of Service.’

Facebook, would you believe, is also involved in the fracas, revealing this month that it received $150,000 in ad revenue from accounts connected with Russia during the election.

Whatever happens, expect the President to tweet about it – in yet another of those infinite loop paradox events that plague us in these deeply unusual times.

Committee to probe Twitter over US election meddling

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