Payin’ in vein: shop trials finger solution


A supermarket is testing a payment system that lets customers pay for goods with their veins.

Costcutter is closely following the Draculaesque Fingopay’s deployment at its outlet at Brunel University, and is hoping to roll it out to other shops if it works.

The system’s biometric reader scans the unique vein configuration in one of a user’s fingers (not sure which finger) which is linked to one of their payment cards. You literally give the shop the finger and walk off with the goods.

Developed by Hitachi, biometric payments firm Sthaler has snapped up the licence to sell it to the retail sector. Sthaler’s CEO, Nick Dryden, said: ‘Today’s millennial generation now expects a higher level of ease, security and efficiency from the way that we pay.’

A Costcutter spokesperson, meanwhile, said: ‘We will be interested to see the results and will decide on next steps at that point.’

According to Sthaler, the odds of two people having the same blood-pipe configuration in their fingers are 3.4 billion to one (about the same odds the Leave campaign got before the Brexit vote), and the technology works even if the money finger is dirty, wet or has cuts.

Payin’ in vein: shop trials finger solution

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