Drone delivery network takes off


A permanent drone network is about to go live delivering laboratory samples in the skies above Switzerland.

California-based Matternet was given permission to fly its drones over urbanised Swiss areas earlier this year, and now says its aerial apparatus can deliver things like blood samples to hospitals within half an hour.

It looks really cool: a little box full of important things gets slotted into the drone, which then takes off and flies to its destination; somebody with a secure passkey device can then open it up and access the goods. Watch the video:

Capable of carrying a 2kg load, they can fly for just over 12 miles before needing a recharge and can move at speeds of up to 43.5 miles an hour.

Matternet’s co-founder and CEO, Andreas Raptopoulos, told The Verge: ‘These types of diagnostics that need to be transported are urgent in nature and they are on demand. They have to wait for a courier, sometimes they get taxis to do this type of thing — and when you have a system like this, that is autonomous and reliable, it completely transforms operations.’

Drone delivery network takes off

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