Internet shouldn’t just be for ‘nastiest people’ says Gamergate victim

videogameA woman at the centre of the GamerGate horror show has said that the internet shouldn’t be handed over to the worst people.

Addressing those who say that abuse victims should come offline if they want to be safe, game developer Zoe Quinn told the Guardian that if we respond to online maniacs in that way then ‘what we’re saying is that we’re going to cede the internet to whoever screams loudest at the most people, and just hand over this amazing technological achievement to the nastiest people’.

Ms Quinn became the focus of frenzied tender-heads in 2014 after an ex-partner uploaded a screed of unsubstantiated drivel about her sex life, which included claims that she secured decent reviews for her own games by sleeping with a journalist.

The publication led to the game designer being sent thousands of rape and death threats – the standard response of people who never really learn to think. I mean, really: what kind of mind composes and sends a rape threat?

Her new book, Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, details the contemptible episode (which is ongoing) and discusses how she had to live on the run.

Hmm. It’s very cool, that internet; it’s great for buying car tax and booking hotels – but in many ways, we seem to be making a real pig’s ear of things. What is it about women soldering wires, making graphics go on a screen, writing lines of code and saying stuff about chipboards that sends some men insane? Discuss.

Internet shouldn’t just be for ‘nastiest people’ says Gamergate victim

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