WhatsApp disrupted as communist meeting approaches


The Chinese government, would you believe, has disrupted popular messaging service WhatsApp.

The country’s ruling Communist Party is having a big communist meeting next week, and, understandably, doesn’t want pesky upstarts sending potentially bothersome messages that could detract from the important issues of the day.

Frustrated Chinese WhatsAppers have experienced a disruption to the service for over a week, and at times it’s been completely inaccessible unless through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Speaking to the BBC, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an advisor to the Chinese government, said: ‘The run-up period to a gathering is normally a time of greater restrictions of all kinds to assure that the critical Party Congress is held under ideal social conditions and is not disrupted.’

Last week, the Saudi Arabian authorities asked SnapChat to remove an Al Jazerra news app from their services in the country, and the firm was delighted to comply.

That Communist Party meeting agenda:

  1. How can we stay in charge forever without anyone stopping us?
  2. Should we just completely destroy the internet?
  3. Tea, coffee and cakes
WhatsApp disrupted as communist meeting approaches

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