Ex-Google engineer is building a god

Wooden robot

A man who Google used to let work for them has announced plans to build an artificial intelligence god, for people to worship.

Engineer Antony Levandowski established and registered his new religion, Way of the Future, back in 2015, and now wants to construct a sort of computer-robot-god thing to rule over us all.

Levandowski used to work on things like driverless cars at Google, which explains why he formed self-driving lorry firm Otto after he left. That company was soon bought by Uber – who sacked the would-be deity-creating engineer after allegations that he pinched some of Google’s ideas for his robot trucks.

Here’s a whole Guardian article on the odd situation written by a proper journalist.

Are you disappointed with your current god or gods? Are you looking for a new system of revealed truth to guide you? Perhaps one headed-up by a pseudo-conscious morass of algorithms and wires? Please let us know.


Ex-Google engineer is building a god

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