Outpore: Sweat-sensing car technology leaked

Steering WheelA prototype of a car seat that can sense a driver’s sweat has been revealed.

Crazy Nissan believes its ‘Soak’ technology could help to prevent car accidents, as research suggests that dehydrated drivers are as susceptible to driving errors as people who are drunk.

The technology, which Clockwork Orange fans will be delighted to learn has been developed by Dutch firm Droog, changes colour if the driver’s sweat is salt-heavy – which points to dehydration.

A coating of the perspiration-aware tech is fixed to the driver’s seat and the steering wheel, and then changes colour from blue to yellow if your sweat alarms it – so everyone can see your shame!

Cardiff University’s professor Peter Wells said: ‘This particular application is obviously on the edge of usefulness but it shows a willingness to think more generally about these things and find a way forward. I’m not sure that way of showing you are dehydrated is going to appeal to many people – but I like the concept.’

Nissan obviously agree with prof Wells as they have no plans to put the technology into production. Still, makes you think, doesn’t it…

The doubt-detecting gearstick: this device senses a lack of confidence in a driver. Disables the engine and plays encouraging speeches from the great and good.

The avenging rear wiper: Back window windscreen wiper that detects a driver’s anger at being tailgated. Releases a barrage of oil, smoke and rockets to discourage the offender.


Outpore: Sweat-sensing car technology leaked

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