Wanted: IT person to spend lots of money

moneyboxThe Ministry of Defence (MoD) is looking for someone to take responsibility for spending vast amounts of money.

The role of commercial director for the department’s Information and Services unit will include controlling the purse strings of a £2.2 billion yearly budget. If that sounds fun, beware: you’ll also have to interact with ministers and other government types.

Unsurprisingly and reassuringly, the MoD wants a candidate who has ‘broad procurement experience, with the IT category as one of your specialisations’ for the £150,000-£170,000 a year role.

The department said: ‘Supported by a team of domain specialists, the commercial director will oversee the management of a wide range of category-management activities, including market engagement, development of sourcing strategies, spend management, commercial-contract management, and supplier-relationship management.

‘They will be building on and developing key strong stakeholder relationships within the department as well as related and dependent organisations across central government and the wider public sector.’

Wanted: IT person to spend lots of money

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