Sleep crisis: Tech heads can drop off


The UK’s tech directors are struggling to get to sleep at night, research has revealed.

Digital agency Manifesto’s survey found that 41% of the country’s tech directors are suffering when they hit the pillows: 20% because their working days are too jampacked with jobs, and 21% because of complications in their work/life balance.

Meanwhile, 17% said that ‘unrealistic deadlines’ kept them wired at night; 20% reported that unsolved work problems were making them stare wistfully at the moon till 5am; and 13% said that concerns about running their teams are forcing them downstairs to watch ITV3 into the small hours.

Manifesto’s CEO, Jim Bowes, who I hope has a grand sleeplife, said: ‘Our latest research suggests that technology directors often struggle to get the support they need in the workplace. With such a demanding role to fulfil, many technologists seem to be getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business, rather than focussing on how technology can add real value to the company.

‘Given the vital role that technology plays in modern business, senior management needs to readdress this balance and ensure they are empowering their technology directors to drive innovation and keep the company one step ahead of the competition.’

As for myself, I struggled with insomnia for years. One day I went to the doctor, and she said that I didn’t have insomnia, but amnesia: I’d simply been forgetting that I’d been asleep. Sorry.

Sleep crisis: Tech heads can drop off

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