Digital cities? You have been challenged!

Digital City

Earlier this month, a thing called the ‘Digital Cities Challenge’ was brought into the world – and if you keep reading, I’ll try to tell you what it is.

Launched during the European Week of Regions and Cities, the contest, if that’s the right word, invites Europe’s cities to ‘improve the life of their citizens through the development and implementation of digital policies’.

The challenge’s instigators are aiming to select 15 of the continent’s cities (I’m not sure if towns are allowed) that have both a ‘strong will to change’ and ‘unreleased potential which will receive support from high-level experts with local and international experience in designing and implementing digital transformation strategies, free of charge and in their local language for 14-18 months to achieve their goals for improving citizens’ lives’.

Here’s a list of things that your city might consider if it fancies having a pop at the challenge: equipping local talent with digital skills; building a ‘collaborative economy’ that’ll help create social cohesion; starting a smart parking policy to reduce emissions; drilling to the earth’s core in the search for precious metals (I made this one up).

All the important details are here on this curiously written press release – composed, I suspect, by someone who speaks/writes English as a second language.

Digital cities? You have been challenged!

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