UK has new top smart city

Smart city

I didn’t know it was but I now know that it isn’t – once the UK’s leading smart city, London is no more (the UK’s leading smart city, that is – it hasn’t been blown up).

Millions of Londoners took to the streets early this morning, their tears soaking the pavements as they mourned the news. They didn’t really, of course, but which modern metropolis has stolen the smart city crown from the formidable capital? Will I ever tell you, or just keep churning out endless paragraphs that tease and frustrate?

Before I tell you, let’s look at what a smart city actually is. Stuff like 5G, the internet of things, driverless vehicles, and strategies that try to improve air quality, healthcare and renewable energy qualify as smart city paraphernalia.

Thus, according to phone-maker Huawei’s annual Smart Cities Index, I can reveal that Bristol is the new prince of all things smart city.

The index praised the south west city for the ‘significant strides’ it’s taken by making innovation an element of its strategy. It has also opened a smart city operations centre and created connectivity testbeds, which sound very nice.

Sir Andrew Cahn, a Huawei UK board member, commented: ‘The successful cities of the future are going to be smart cities. It’s clear from this report that cities across the UK have made considerable progress over the last year, developing and implementing strategies to improve the delivery of public services and the urban environment.’

London, you must double your efforts.

Do you live in Bristol? Did you wake up this morning sensing that your surroundings were somehow ‘smarter’? Please let us know.

UK has new top smart city

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