Warren Peace: New ransomware strikes


After a quiet couple of months on the ransomware front, a new strain has reared its head.

‘Bad Rabbit’ has struck systems in Ukraine and Russia, and is apparently very similar to the previous catastrophe, WannaCry – which isn’t very surprising as they’re both ransomware.

The menacing annoyance has already hit a railway and an airport in Ukraine – and three websites in Russia, which sounds a little underwhelming to be honest but we should be grateful for small mercies.

IIya Sachkov, top dog at a Russian cyber-security firm, said: ‘In some of the companies, the work has been completely paralysed – servers and workstations are encrypted.’

Ransomware locks computers and then demands payments from users if they wish to ever access their files again. Bad Rabbit demands 0.05 bitcoins, about £213, to relinquish control of a system, which, though still outrageous, sounds kind of reasonable.

According to security company Eset, the iniquitous software has been spread in a fake Adobe Flash update. I gave up updating Adobe products in 2003 so who knows what depths of evil I have waiting for me when I finally give in and click ‘ok’.

Over in the US of A, officials have confirmed that they’ve ‘received multiple reports of Bad Rabbit ransomware infections in many countries around the world’.

Cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has also chimed in, but as its reputation is currently in tatters following allegations it helped the Russian government spy on people, it’s up to you if you want to pay any attention. Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky said: ‘According to our data, most of the victims targeted by these attacks are located in Russia.’

Warren Peace: New ransomware strikes

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