Friday round-up: A week in tech

Hotel roomThe corners of the internet responsible for booking hotel rooms have become the latest digital outlet to arouse the suspicions of the authorities.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reckons that sites such as and Expedia might actually be creating problems for users, rather than making their planned stay in a Yeovil Travelodge a simple task.

The CMA says 70% of would-be room bookers use such sites –  but that things like hidden charges could be marring the experience.

Anyway, the BBC has a nice big report all about it here.


Pornographers are furious with a popular crowdfunding service, after it moved to hamper their endeavours.

A recent rule change by Patreon has seen the sale of porn and sex services forbidden on the site.

Porn barons, naturally, are livid at the move and have accused Patreon of betraying some of its (fruitier) members.

A group of smut producers have now written a letter (aw, how sweet) to the crowdsourcers, which bleats: ‘We know people who would be homeless if it wasn’t for making porn on Patreon – and it’s not a small number. Your fuzzy position on “adult content” versus “porn” gives you the freedom to discriminate at will.’

Isn’t that sad? I’m no expert, but isn’t there, like, quite a lot of pornography in the world already?


Amazing news. Astonishing, just breath-taking news. Some people have complained that a new video game is, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, too anti-Nazi!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the latest instalment in the popular line of Wolfenstein games, which date back to the early 80s. Set during the Second World War, players are faced with hordes of seething Nazis, whom they are invited to maim with various weapons.

So far, so good. However, some are apparently offended that the new game revels in Nazi slaughter – and that it portrays the Nazis as bad people.

Let’s have a quick peek at the Nazis’ MO, shall we: fervent racism; genocide; suppression of civil liberties; invasion; conquest; crimes against humanity; torture; etc.

I was looking through the comments on a Guardian story about this nutty situation (yes, I’m a masochist), and spotted that one modern Nazi fan had written ‘Imagine if the targets in the game were those with liberal values. Then how would you feel?’

That’s it. I give up.


Apple’s latest electric telephone has sold out within 10 minutes.

At a starting price of £999 for the 64GB version, the iPhone X is the most expensive phone the expensive company has ever made, yet that hasn’t stopped flocks of suckers, sorry, customers rushing to pour their funds into Apple’s tax-lite coffers.

Pleased users will now be able to check Facebook, the time, Twitter and the weather on a slightly bigger screen. What a time to be alive.



Friday round-up: A week in tech

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