Airport to investigate USB stick fiasco

USB stickHave you heard the one about the international airport and the USB stick? Here it is:

Heathrow has begun an investigation into how a USB stick stuffed with security details was found lying on a pavement.

Luckily, a random man, rather than, say, an ISIS commander, found the misplaced storage device and had a look on it. Discovering it was full of sensitive data about Heathrow’s security, he, naturally, gave it to the Sunday Mirror.

According to the paper, the stick contained at least 174 documents, some of which revealed restricted access ID details, maps of CCTV cameras and security patrol timetables.

If anyone from Heathrow is reading, I bought an 8GB encrypted USB stick from PC World (other USB vendors are available) last weekend for £6.50, so there’s a thought.

Anyway, the surely embarrassed airport has said: ‘We have also launched an internal investigation to understand how this happened and are taking steps to prevent a similar occurrence in future.’

Why were these details on an unencrypted stick? Why were they on a USB stick at all? Why was the stick lying in the street? Is all this going to help or hinder the plans for that third runway they so covet?

If you’re interested, here’s the Sunday Mirror’s story, though be warned that the Mirror’s site is so chronic and swamped with adverts that your PC might stop working.

Airport to investigate USB stick fiasco

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