No, we’re not secretly listening to you, says Facebook

EarFacebook has denied that it’s secretly accessing PC and smart phone microphones to listen to people’s conversations.

Responding to an inquisitive tweet from a tech fan, executive Rob Goldman said, or tweeted, or whatever: ‘I run ads product at Facebook. We don’t – and have never – used your microphone for ads. Just not true.’

However, anecdotes abound, with users complaining that stuff they’d talked about in real life had mysteriously appeared on the gigantic, time-wasting social media network.

Tori Hoover tweeted: ‘A co-worker got an ad saying, “So you popped the question!” minutes after he proposed, before he told anyone it had happened.’


Another unfortunate, Brigitte Bonasoro, typed: ‘Working as a barista, got a burn, talked to my partner in person about it, went to Target, bought the burn cream, and saw an ad on FB for the exact product I purchased. Never searched for product either.’


Evidence of a grossly illegal operation that could have devastating consequences for the Facebook brand if ever revealed, or mere coincidence? Who knows – but let’s have some fun with the former: please tell us if you’ve had similar experiences in the comments section.


No, we’re not secretly listening to you, says Facebook

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