Train a million people in digital, report

Made Smarter

The UK must train a million people in digital stuff, a report has claimed.

The Made Smarter Review reckons the government should retrain industrial sector workers to fill the many roles it believes digital is going to create.

Launched at the start of year, the review, which was commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, looked at how the UK might become a global digital powerhouse.

Rather ambitiously, the report predicts that if the country plays its cards right it could create 175,000 jobs and boost the economy by £455 billion by 2030.

It recommends creating a ‘much more visible and effective digital ecosystem to accelerate the innovation and diffusion of IDT’. If you’re wondering, ‘IDT’ means ‘industrial digitalisation technology’ – every day’s a school day here on the Socitm blog.

The review was chaired by Juergen Maier, Siemens’ UK CEO, who wrote this long sentence in the foreword: ‘Industry is committed to working in partnership with government through a sector deal to revive UK manufacturing, and firmly believes that only this combined package of measures, which go beyond business as usual and historical offerings, will achieve the level of ambition needed for the UK to be a world leader of the fourth industrial revolution.’

You can download the report here. It’s 231 pages long, so perhaps one for committed digital job-creating/economy boosting fans only.


Train a million people in digital, report

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