The chips are down: AI fooled and thrashed

Chipboard 2

Those alarmed by the apparently indomitable rise of artificial intelligence (AI) might be calmed by two bits of recent news: it’s easily fooled and it’s rubbish at video games.

Japanese researchers found that altering just one pixel on an image managed to befuddle an AI-based recognition system. After the tiny change, the daft software managed to identify a pic of a taxi as a dog, and an image of a turtle as a rifle.

Researcher and AI-besmircher Su Jiawei tricked a type of system called a deep neural network with his little stunt. He said: ‘As far as we know, there is no data-set or network that is much more robust than others.’ Here’s a proper story about it.

Meanwhile, just across the water in South Korea, human gamers have been busy humiliating AI at the video game StarCraft. Song Byung-gu thrashed his AI-controlled rivals 4-0 during a tournament in Seoul.

Despite their ability to react far more quickly than any human being, the AI players over-cautiousness was their downfall, according to the victorious Mr Song, who added, magnanimously, that some of systems’ moves were ‘stunning’.

So, AI’s not ready to replace us just yet. Maybe next year.

The chips are down: AI fooled and thrashed

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