Very expensive phone is very easy to break

Broken iPhone

If you’ve just bought the costly iPhone X you might want to think carefully before picking it up – it’s the easiest iPhone to smash to date.

A group that specialises in dropping things on the floor has discovered that the X is the ‘most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever’. Sold!

Dropists SquareTrade tossed the grossly expensive device to the ground from a giddying height of 6ft, producing such ill-effects as display malfunctions, shattered front and rear glass, and the destruction of the swipe gesture.

Apple has claimed that the thing is made of the ‘most durable glass ever in a smartphone,’ but then they would, wouldn’t they.

Another bunch of phone-droppers, Cnet, also found that the X is particularly prone to breakages when exposed to gravity’s wrath, and recommend getting a case to protect it as soon as it’s unwrapped. Isn’t that odd and a little ridiculous? You don’t buy a new car and then get told ‘you must buy this other bit or it’ll crash/blow up/fail miserably’.

With the device costing at least £999 to begin with, screen repairs come in at £286, while further damage can cost up to £556 to remedy. All this just to stare listlessly at drivel on Facebook and check the time.

Here, if you’ve any interest, is a video of the phones being dropped and broken:

Very expensive phone is very easy to break

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