Shared services? There’s a webinar for that

Eduserve Blog Pic.jpgCouncils, if you want to connect your services better and reduce costs you need to collaborate with other councils – also, you need to get involved with a coming webinar.

Eduserv, a not-for-profit provider of industry-leading technology advice, engineering and support, will be broadcasting a special event on Tuesday 28 November, 12:15-1:00pm.

Investigating the complexity and the variety of shared services, Eduserv has worked with many councils and specialists to develop an assessment tool: RASP (Readiness Assessment for a Shared Services Programme).

Developed with Socitm, RASP is now freely available for councils and others to use – and you can access it here.

The webinar will explore the issues sustainable and successful shared service models face: what works and why; pitfalls and risks, the due diligence needed for a solid foundation; typically risks; and where the benefits lie above and beyond saving money.

The discussion and Q&As, which will be chaired by independent digital consultant Jos Creese, will feature a terrific panel of experts:

Ed Garcez, CIO and CDO, Camden, Haringey and Islington Shared Service, who has been leading shared services in London since 2014, will talk about relationships, and the importance of assessing and maintaining a level of trust.

Southwark Council recently joined the Brent and Lewisham shared service – and used RASP for a gap analysis. Emma Marinos, Director of Modernise, will share the insights and outcomes of the assessment.

With Soctim releasing an extensive guide to ICT shared services this month, Martin Ferguson, Director of Policy and Research, will share some key ideas about what makes shared services succeed or fail.

Shared services are becoming more common and expected across the public sector – it’s essential to recognise the challenges of forming partnerships and making them resilient and sustainable.

To register for the webinar (and why wouldn’t you?) click any of this sentence. And if you can’t make the 12:15-1:00pm slot on 28 November, fear not: register anyway and you can watch it whenever it suits you.


Shared services? There’s a webinar for that

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