Making a killing: weaponised AI gets a slamming

A group of worried types have made a reasonably terrifying video – so now you, too, can worry along with them.

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots’ short film, Slaughterbots, begins with a beaming, probably evil CEO telling a rapt audience how good his AI-controlled assassination drones are. Everybody claps as one buzzes in and attacks a dummy.

Things then take a turn for the worse as terrorists seize the murderous technology and go on the rampage.

Rather than me talking you through it all, here’s the vid:

An excellent, worthy cause, no doubt, as most would agree that new ideas for killing people aren’t desirable ideas. Sadly, though, if we somehow managed to collectively ban this horrible stuff, wouldn’t states just carry on developing it in secret, convinced that that’s what every other state is up to?

I’m just being cynical; I don’t actually have anything useful to add to the debate around this latest development in human madness/destructiveness. But perhaps you do! Please add your comments below. Let’s get this sorted out.

Making a killing: weaponised AI gets a slamming

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