Man to launch rocket to prove Earth is flat


A strange man will launch himself in a homemade rocket to ‘prove that the Earth is flat’ this weekend.

American Mike Hughes, who has spent £15,000 on his steam-powered rocket, has said that he doesn’t ‘believe in science’ but knows things about ‘aerodynamics and fluid dynamics…but that’s not science, that’s just a formula’. Indeed, but formulas that were discovered, proven and utilised as a result of the scientific method. Would someone patient tell him what science actually is, please?

Anyhow, after he’s blasted off to a height of 550 metres on his daft errand, proving once and for all that the Earth is not a sphere as our reptilian overlords insist but a flat disk, Hughes plans to return to the ground and announce his plans to run for the Californian governorship.

Aha! It makes more sense now: it’s a publicity stunt. Here’s a video:

And if his theory is proved correct, what implications would a flat Earth have for local government ICT services, Brexit and the sum total of human knowledge, experience and history thus far? Please let us know in the comments section.

Man to launch rocket to prove Earth is flat

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