Who’s don it: graduates club in data breach

hard drive

A hard drive containing a posh club’s members’ details might have been stolen.

The Oxford and Cambridge Club, which, funnily enough, only allows graduates from the Oxford and Cambridge universities to join its ranks, has said that the storage device disappeared from a locked room at its Pall Mall base on 16 November – so if they look a bit harder it may well turn up behind the wainscoting.

Around 5,000 members’ details are believed to be on the drive, including those of hardworking advert voiceover specialist Stephen Fry.

Phone numbers, bank details and addresses are said to be on the missing data block – which, according to the Sunday Telegraph, has been described as ‘the size of a toaster’. That’s some hard drive.

Royal fans will be initially horrified to learn that princes Charles and Phillip are honorary members of the club – but then rapidly soothed to find out that none of their details were on the hard drive. Phew.

Although the club has involved the police, it has also hired private investigators to look into the potential caper, which gives the whole thing even more of an old-fashioned Poirotesque, Cluedo flavour: it was Lord Breach in the locked room with the toaster.

Who’s don it: graduates club in data breach

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