Shared services? Webinars? I’ll explain…


Do you like webinars? I certainly hope so or this article is going to be of little interest to you.

Hosted by a not-for-profit provider of industry-leading technology, advisory body Eduserv, a special broadcast earlier this week took an in-depth look at the world of public sector ICT shared services.

Chaired by the inimitable Jos Creese, the event featured the invaluable input of Ed Garcez, CIO and CDO at Camden, Haringey and Islington Shared Service, and Emma Marinos, Director of Modernise at Southwark Council. Unfortunately, representing Socitm was yours truly, though I didn’t appear to spoil it too much.

Emma detailed her experiences of Eduserv’s Readiness Assessment for a Shared Services Programme (RASP) tool – a free application that allows those curious about shared services to map out their strengths and weaknesses. Emma and her team have gained a great deal from using RASP, and I suggest you have a look at it yourself. Click here to access it. Do it. Do it now.

The transmission explored the issues sustainable and successful shared service models face: what works and why; pitfalls and risks, the due diligence needed for a solid foundation; typically risks; and where the benefits lie above and beyond saving money.

Anyhow, the webinar has been lovingly preserved and made freely available via the information superhighway. Click here to watch, listen and learn – and I apologise in advance for the boorish, droning voice that answers to the name ‘Max’.

And I haven’t finished yet, so you’ll have to read for a couple more sentences. Socitm is currently publishing a series of guides on shared services. Part 2 was released just this week, with Part 3 due in December. Click here for access, you won’t regret it.

Shared services? Webinars? I’ll explain…

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