Diversity in IT 2017: Dismal but getting better


In case you hadn’t noticed already, the UK’s women are grossly underrepresented in the IT sector, a new report has revealed.

According to The Chartered Institute for IT’s findings, despite making up over half of the population (51%) women fill only 17% of IT specialist roles.

The report – ‘Diversity in IT 2017: Shaping Our Future Together’ – also shows that though 23% of the population are registered disabled, only 8% of IT workers have a disability.

Meanwhile, while 45% of us Brits are aged over 50, only 21% of IT specialists fit that age bracket – though after MP Nadine Dorries’ (aged 60) preposterous cybersecurity ignorance blunder yesterday, perhaps that’s at least in part understandable?

In what appears to be better news for workplace diversity, 12% of the country are from a non-white ethnic background but 17% of IT workers fit that bracket. However, before we celebrate a victory for equality, the report notes that IT specialists from minority groups ‘are more likely than others to be in non-permanent employment and those in temporary positions are more than twice as likely to be so employed as they could not find permanent work’.

And (unsurprisingly, sadly) earnings for IT types are all askew too. The report reveals that earnings for female IT workers are 11% below that of males, while disabled IT specialists are 13% below those without disabilities. Lots of work to be done, then.

In the report’s foreword, Dr Sue Black writes: ‘You could say that this report paints a dismal picture in terms of diversity and women in tech, we are nowhere near 50/50 male to female in the industry. But I believe that we are at a tipping point of a revolution in technology and also in awareness of the importance of diversity.’

It’s an excellent in-depth report and the useful thing for me to do now would be to provide you with a link which you can click and then read it. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Any moment now. Wait for it. Ok, here it is.

Diversity in IT 2017: Dismal but getting better

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