Digital justice: MoJ awards £45m contract


Justice is getting even more digital, everybody, which is probably a good idea as that’s where most of the crime seems to be heading, too.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has given Atos a £45 million contract to increase the England and Wales court system’s IT services.

It’s hoped that the move with deliver justice quicker and free up time in our busy courts, though time will be the judge (sorry).

Atos won’t get all the money: around 50% is expected to be earmarked for third-party subcontracts. However, Atos must have the lion’s share because, according to the MoJ, technical constraints mean ‘services can be provided only by a particular economic operator. This is the incumbent supplier (Atos IT Services UK Limited) who has been providing the services that form the subject matter of this contract under a contract with the contracting authority for the last 11 years.’


Digital justice: MoJ awards £45m contract

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