FakedIn: China’s phoney profiles targeting Germany?


The Chinese government is mischievously using LinkedIn to keep tabs on important Germans, according to Germany’s intelligence services.

The BfV reckons that the country is using fake profiles on the social business network to target around 10,000 Germans for nefarious ends.

Despicable: imagine someone creating a fake profile on LinkedIn and lying on it to cultivate a false impression of themselves. What a disgrace!

The BfV’s head, Hans-Georg Maassen, has said that China is using a ‘broad-based attempt to infiltrate in particular parliaments, ministries and government agencies’.

Though China hasn’t responded to the accusations, Germany’s security people have exposed eight particularly active profiles that they say are often used to contact high-flying Germans, including those of ‘Lily Wu’ and ‘Allen Liu’, which combined sound suspiciously like the name of a famous middling singer – in fact, it almost feels like someone’s having a little fun at the BfV’s expense.

And what’s the point of all this bogus posturing? According to the BfV, China could be trying to get German politicians on its informant payroll – which, if true and successful, is a much more worrying issue at the German end of the duplicity spectrum, I would have said.

FakedIn: China’s phoney profiles targeting Germany?

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