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HP laptops shipped with keylogging software

If you own a HP laptop, be careful what you type: it turns out the firm has shipped over 450 models with software that could record your keyboard tappings.

Exposed by the efforts of the dynastic-sounding Michael Myng, a computer security expert, the keylogging program lies amongst some models’ drivers.

HP has now put out a patch that’ll erase the software – and if you’re concerned that your machine is keeping what could be a very embarrassing, or worse, record of your keyboard adventures, click here to find out if your model’s affected.

According to expert Myng, the laptops in question don’t come with the keylogging software enabled, but a fiend with access could easily turn it on to keep tabs on his or her victim’s typing habits.

The news follows reports in November that hundreds of websites use ‘session replay software’ to record users’ keyboard strokes.

HP has said the offending program was added by mistake – and we all make mistakes, don’t we, so can probably forgive them on this occasion…oh no, virtually the same thing happened back in May on some other models.

Oh well, lightning can’t strike thrice. Can it?