Government seeks cybersecurity head


The UK government is looking for someone who isn’t shy around hard work, as they will be required to head up cybersecurity at the Government Digital Service (GDS).

There’s a salary of £70,000 up for grabs, which I’m not sure is enough to deal with the utter digital chaos facing the country right now, and the successful candidate will be expected to comply with all the Cabinet Office’s security protocols, whatever they may be.

An early task might be to go and have a quiet word with Whitehall’s daft MPs and tell them that giving out their PC passwords to their staff isn’t a very good idea.

If you get the job – and it could be you, reading this, why not? – you’ll be expected to assist in the development of the government’s cybersecurity policy – again, you can start with some very, very basic stuff here –  and “advocate and effectively explain cybersecurity standards and practices” to bigwigs across government.

The GDS, which was set up in 2011 to manage the government’s Digital by Default programme, said: ‘GDS Security is the team that enables security engineering, security operations, security architecture and incident response, and you will work closely with colleagues to understand these activities, and provide support and advice as needed.’

Interested? Apply here.



Government seeks cybersecurity head

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