New ultrafast broadband coming soon (for a fraction of people)


Two new ultrafast broadband services are on the way – the only problems being that hardly anyone will be able to get them and they’ll cost you a fortune.

BT is so confident in its ‘Ultrafast Fibre’ packages that it’s offering £20 compensation if speeds drop below 100Mbps. Well, £20 four times a year – so after the first £80 has been paid out, I assume it can drop to 0.5Mbps continually for all you’ll be able to do about it.

Only 250,000 of the UK’s 25 million homes (that’s 1%) will be able to access the slick new services, and it’ll cost you £54.99 a month (!) for package 1 (up to 152Mbps), and £59.99 a month (!!) for package 2 (up to 314Mbps).

Very expensive. Very unlikely you’ll be able to get it. Very BT.

Ofcom has had strong words with BT of late because of its crummy services and pitiful efforts to equip the country with decent, modern broadband infrastructure.

Last year, the firm was forced by the regulator to split from its Openreach division and turn it into a separate company – which sounds really tough and punitive but which actually made no difference to anything as BT retained budgetary command.

The government says it wants to make it a legal requirement for all UK homes and businesses to be able to access broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps by 2020, but, then, the government says a lot of things.

I tested my connection the other night: 1.5Mbps. Now I know why it takes seven hours to watch an episode of The Sky at Night on the iPlayer.

New ultrafast broadband coming soon (for a fraction of people)

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