Self-driving cars in crash ‘spate’


Luddites, rejoice! Self-driving cars are crashing like Windows ME – well, two of them have, but that’s more than enough for some sensationalist reportage, so let’s crack on with some good ol’ demonization.

The accidents both occurred in California, with the most recent involving a Tesla Model S colliding with a parked fire engine on Monday.

According to Culver City’s fire service, which probably was far from impressed, the robot-brained car ‘ploughed into the rear’ of its vehicle, which was attending another accident that was probably caused by an old-fashioned human-driven car.

Much earlier, on 7 December in fact, a GM Chevy Bolt was involved in a collision with a motorbike in San Francisco – as a result of which the bike’s rider is suing GM. Naturally, GM claims it was the rider’s fault.

Anyhow, firefighters on the scene at the Tesla smash have claimed it was doing 65mph when it twanged their engine, with an official saying it was amazing that ‘there were no injuries’.

Responding to the crash, Tesla has said that its Autopilot should only be used with ‘a fully attentive driver’ who should have their hands on the wheel at all times (aren’t these things supposed to be self-driving?).

So, I’m not sure where this ‘spate’ leaves us. Are self-driving cars on the verge of becoming 1. a successful boon for the human race, or 2. a gigantic, gruesome catastrophe that’ll turn our roads into robot-controlled terror zones? Please let us know in the comments.

Self-driving cars in crash ‘spate’

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