Friday roundup: A week in tech


The Chinese have deployed yet another piece of surveillance technology that is either A) very creepy, or B) terrifying, depending on your point of view.

Chinese cops are now equipped with sunglasses that house facial recognition features, to help identify ‘criminals’.

According to the famously impartial and balanced Chinese state media, the technology has already led to the capture of seven ‘criminals’.

This BBC story reckons there are fears that China’s government may use the face-spotting specs to further suppress ‘dissidents’. In other news, it has been revealed that the Pope has Catholic leanings.


Is the game up for the internet’s latest utterly shameful horror show, a mere five minutes after the furore started?

Gigantic web gibberish bin Reddit has moved to ban so-called ‘deepfake’ videos from its nebulous network, after that bastion of morality and enlightenment Twitter invoked the same edict.

Deepfake videos see the faces of famous people, mostly women, digitally plastered onto the heads of actors in other films, mostly pornographic ones, for the amusement and/or satisfaction of others, mostly pitiful men.

Is this an indication that the internet can move as one, fight back and strike a blow for basic common decency if it really puts its mind to it? Maybe! Let’s be optimistic, for a change.


Lots of things are going to happen for the first time this May: a member of the royal family is going to marry an American (this isn’t actually even slightly accurate); I’m going to be [redacted] years old for the first time; and Socitm’s first ever President’s Conference is going to take place!

The two-day event, nestled in the glorious city of Glasgow, is going to be packed with THE workshops, panel discussions, training sessions, coaching classes, insights, debates, lightning talks and general network-mingling that YOU need in your ICT life.

PLUS there’s the President’s Dinner to look forward to – an evening of top food, luscious drinks and dazzling entertainment. I’ll be there, too, but please don’t let that put you off.

Do you really want to miss THE EVENT of the digital calendar? I thought not.

Click here to read more and book your place now.


Do you live in the country? Do you balance the peace and serenity of your verdant surroundings with the hellish daily experience of trying to do things on the internet? Well, here’s another proposed solution (number 546).

EE has announced plans to retail a 4G aerial which it claims will deliver nice, fast broadband to those who spend their days crying and thumping their table tops as the iPlayer takes 14 hours to run an episode of Silent Witness.

It’ll cost you £100 and will deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps – surely only IF you’ve got good 4G coverage in your area.

Tim Till, a man who apparently works for EE but I don’t know in what capacity, said: ‘If your home has access to fixed broadband, then that would probably be the right choice, but if you can’t then this is an option. We’re in the business of providing connectivity to those that don’t have it.’

If you live in the country, which do you find more aggravating: slow internet speeds OR constant proposed solutions to said slow speeds that ultimately come to nothing?

Friday roundup: A week in tech

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