Moon to get 4G


You may not be able to get a mobile signal in Lower Middle-of-Nowheresville, Countryshire, but, rejoice – you may soon be able to get one on the moon.

Apparently tired with the pursuit of terrestrial phone coverage, the newly astrally-focused Vodafone and Nokia have teamed up with German space-probing outfit PTScientists to bring 4G to the earth’s most lunar of satellites.

But why? To beam lovely HD video of the moon back to earth-bound enthusiasts, of course.

Audi is also involved with the scheme, and will be supplying two quattro rovers that will zip about the moon’s surface, looking for interesting things.

And it’s Vodafone’s base station that’ll link up with the rovers and fire their images and videos back to earth through its 4G network, which electromagnetic wave fans may be interested to note will use the 1800 MHz frequency.

So, what’s Nokia contributing to this exercise? Sandwiches? Nope, the Finnish firm is actually building ‘space-grade’ networking equipment, that’ll apparently weigh less than a kilogram, so let’s hope it doesn’t just float off.

Marcus Weldon, a man who works for Nokia, said: ‘This important mission is supporting, among other things, the development of new space-grade technologies for future data networking, processing and storage, and will help advance the communications infrastructure required for academics, industry and educational institutions in conducting lunar research.’

Moon to get 4G

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