£1m for digital solutions to social care problems


Those keen on developing digital services for adult social care have received a nice boost – a big pot of money has been pledged for that very purpose.

NHS Digital has earmarked £1 million as part of an intriguing competition: grants of £20,000 will be dished out to 12 winning councils that propose excellent digital solutions to adult social care problems. After the design phase is over, six of the 12 will be awarded a further £80,000 to put towards the delivery of their scheme.

Local authorities have until 1 June at 4pm to apply for the Social Care Digital Innovation Programme, for that is the initiative’s name, and those hoping for a piece of the fiscal pie are being advised to focus on one of three themes: supernatural involvement; cubist art; and comedy value.

Only joking. The three themes actually are: managing marketing & commission; efficiency; and sustainability & integration.

NHS Digital’s James Palmer said: ‘This year, the funding will help to identify and address some key pinch points within local authority services, especially those around the integration of health and social care systems. We are looking forward to seeing the innovative solutions that councils come up with in response to our latest round of funding.’

£1m for digital solutions to social care problems

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