Hacker wanted, comes with reward (salary)


A well-paid job has come up for a hacker – though it’s stipulated that the candidate be an ethical one, which might rule a lot of people out.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is willing to pay a morally-sound individual up to £70,000 a year for the pleasure of attempting to penetrate systems and online services.

And hacking’s just part of the role, as she or he will also be expected to research ‘specific technologies or systems that we use to find previously unseen bugs,’ which doesn’t sound too bad.

The job spec reads: ‘As an ethical hacker you will be responsible for evaluating the security of our processes, services and infrastructure by continuously assessing and exploiting vulnerabilities to find out where hacking threats may lie and then providing help to teams to fix the vulnerabilities.’

As well as the ample salary, the lucky candidate will also get, among other benefits, ‘off road secure bike parking,’ though it should be noted that that treat is unpromisingly caveated with the line ‘subject to availability’.

If you’re interested in the role, the GDS asks that you hack its website and search its databases for a file named ‘interview-date-&-location-details.exe’ by the 23 August.

Not really. Don’t do that. Click here to apply.

Hacker wanted, comes with reward (salary)

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