Internet firms dump fake news network

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As I amazingly managed to successfully predict two weeks ago, reckless, demented network of lies InfoWars has been permanently banned from YouTube after breaking yet more rules.

And that’s just the tip of the madberg: Alex Jones’ ‘news’ organisation has also been given the boot, to varying degrees, by Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple and others, with Twitter the only major player still willing (for now) to indulge the impulses of the putrid, dim and really quite evil buffoon.

So far, so sensible – but this might be a mini-crisis for big tech as InfoWars and its manic devotees are crying foul, claiming that the wave of ‘censorship’ proves that the gibberish they peddle has been right all along, and that, furthermore, it demonstrates that these Silicon Valley outfits are truly controlled by the DEEP STATE.

This isn’t even slightly accurate of course: Mr Jones has been getting away with whatever he pleases for nearly 20 years; however, he’s crossed the line recently with what can only be reasonably described as hate speech against Muslims and transsexual people -behaviour that, with all their horrible faults, double standards and incompetence, modern tech firms such as Apple understandably don’t want to be associated with, let alone be perceived as supporting.

Coupled with Mr Jones’ hand in the persecution of the families of the children murdered in the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, would you want your company to be thought of as sympathetic to InfoWars? Hardly.

Ho-hum. But what’s the wider issue here, if there is one? Is free speech under attack, as claimed by Mr Jones and his fans in the borderline white supremacist wastelands of jaw-dropping foolishness?

Blatantly not. Daft old Facebook et al can ban who they please; meanwhile, InfoWars is free to pump out its chauvinistic nonsense via its website (easily located via Google) and broadcast delirious radio shows, dripping with hate as they are, for the entertainment of the easily excitable. Censorship, it seems to me at any rate, is when a government or similar authority actively shuts you down – such as when proper journalists are imprisoned, intimidated and sometimes murdered in the likes of Turkey, China, Zimbabwe and Russia, for example.

But what do YOU think? Please feel free to talk about this complex issue – while outlining my deep state conspirator credentials – in the comments section…and maybe, just maybe, we’ll sort all this out.


Internet firms dump fake news network

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