3 Steps to Save Local Digital Government

Read Eddie Copeland’s feature article for the Socitm Spring Conference:


His third step – changing the business model for relational services – picks up the key theme from our Policy Briefing: Using Digital Innovation to Generate Value. This briefing sets out to discuss ways in which digital innovation can been used in local government and the wider sphere of public services not only to improve efficiency but, more importantly, how it can be used to generate value for citizens and communities in their places. Based on material presented by Socitm’s Director of Policy & Research to a discussion session at the SOLACE Summit in Bournemouth (8 October 2015), it addresses: What is the problem we are trying to fix? What are the successes? What do we need to do? It concludes with a call to action with four key foundations for moving forward strongly as a sector: 1. Build a new collaborative digital leadership capability for the sector. 2. Harness data. 3. Build place-based platforms. 4. Create and share national scalable exemplars.

The Policy Briefing is available at:


3 Steps to Save Local Digital Government